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Clear writing checklist for your blog or small business website.

by MK on May 31, 2009

clear_writing I have always been awed by the power and influence of a well written article. It is quite amazing how a well written article can influence your readers views and can help in increased sales and  a positive return on investment. And not to forget all the back links that you get with people talking about your article all over the Internet.

It really doesn’t matter whether it is print or online media, a well written post has always been able to pull readers and investors, and the most important thing is – people really listen to you if its well written.

Quite recently I got a chance to attend a Clear Writing seminar here in Toronto. I learnt a lot from the seminar and I would like to share a few pointers with our readers.

I know a lot of you are small business owners and Online marketers and I think this article will really help you to take your writing to the next level.

And I am very sure that you (yes, I am talking to you) already are aware of the impact of a clear and well written article and know that it can do wonders for your small business blog or website.

Why is it important to know your audience before you start writing?

Before you start writing, spend some time on knowing your audience. This way you can target your writing more effectively. Writing for low graders is entirely different then writing for a highly educated class of readers. And if you are not sure just stick to the basics and you will do just fine.

Here is a list of very basic and easy to follow clear writing pointers -

1. Font

  • use at least 12 point
  • use serif font
  • use simple fonts rather than fancy ones
  • use regular proportion rather than extended or condensed

2. Justification

  • left justify your text
  • let the right side run ragged
  • Do not centre, except for headings

3. Colour

  • have a good contrast between background and foreground colour
  • use dark print on a light background
  • avoid textured backgrounds
  • do not put text on top of pictures

4. White Space

  • use white space freely
  • leave space between headings and text
  • try 1 inch margins and 1.5 line spacing
  • use block paragraphs rather than indented ones
  • wehn using columns, use two rather than three

5. Emphasis

  • use bold type to emphasize words or headings
  • avoid italics and underlining
  • make headings consistent
  • use text boxes to separate essential information from the text
  • avoid using all capitals

6. Pictures

  • use pictures that relate directly to the text
  • put pictures to the side rather than behind the text
  • use pictures to illustrate difficult words

7. Words and Sentences

  • use simple words and short sentences
  • replace complicated words with more simple ones
  • if you must use a difficult word, define it
  • keep sentence length to 15-18 words
  • for lower grade level materials, try 12-15 words per sentence

You can always email me or send me your feedback if you have any questions or need help with your blog or small business website. You can email me at – info[at]coolwebdeveloper[dot]com


Article by M K

M has written 116 awesome articles for this blog.

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Jeff December 1, 2009 at 4:57 pm

Nice post, actually some very good design tips in there..

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