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How to add self hosted wordpress blog to Code Project

by MK on April 10, 2013

Code Project LogoCode Project is one of the leading online resource for developers. It’s an online space where developers from all around the world exchange ideas on the latest and greatest on the web and other existing and upcoming technologies. And one of the great guys running Code Project is one of our fellow Canadian: Chris Maunder

Quite recently I added my own self hosted wordpress blog to Code Project and have seen a lot of traffic and link backs from the site. This gave additional exposure to my wordpress blog and not to mention the additional traffic. This also gave me the opportunity to network with some great technical minds.

Once you add your blog successfully, your blog gets included in article searches, search engine indexing, discussions, ratings, competitions and all features of regular articles on Code project.

Here I am providing step by step instructions on how you can add your blog to codeproject.

Before we begin if you are not already a member you can register by visiting:

Here’s how Code Project adds your blog articles to their site:

Code Project parser picks up your blog feed and uses only those posts/articles where category name is CodeProject.

  1. Our first step will be to add a new category named CodeProject to your wordpress blog.
  2. Next step is to add CodeProject category to all the articles you want to bring over to Code Project.
  3. Now login to your code project account and select My Settings from the drop down in the upper right corner of the page.
  4. Select Technical Blogs from the left hand navigation and select My Blogs. Add a new blog and you will be asked to enter your feed URL.
  5. Click to Add New Blog.
  6. Add the above mentioned feed URL.

Code Project will start parsing your feed and articles will start appearing on Code Project within a day. Please note here that articles need to be reviewed and approved by Code Project before they actually show up on the site.

Now if you write a great technical article, you just need to add it to the CodeProject category. Code Project will automatically bring this over to their articles repository.

Code Project Technical Blog Feeds



Article by M K

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